Abrams Wearable

Natalie Abrams spent the first decade of her artistic-life gaining acclaim nationally as a sculptor. She was awarded various coveted residencies and her works are included in the collections of several prominent patrons. Ms Abrams’ mastery of liquid mediums helped her concoct a formula of acrylic paint which would appear as droplets frozen in time dripping down lines of filament. Although the filaments were developed for a new phase of installations, friends had other ideas. They began “borrowing” the colorful, skin soft, supple lines to tie around their wrists as jewelry. Thus began Abrams Wearable.

Our future must be inked in bold fonts and broad strokes. Each Abrams Wearable piece is designed to celebrate the magic of the individual as a work of art. The natural motion and fluidity of acrylic paint. The flash and dynamic of crystal clear matrixes. As a collection, it strives to recognize and empower the wearer, incorporating them into an ever-expanding work of living sculpture. Their jewelry act merely as reminders that the wearer themselves are the art. “Tu es l’art”.


Kelsey, smiling with her arms folded wearing a black dress leaning against a white marble mall
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