Corjor International

Using his two oldest sons’ names, Corey and Jordan, Ean Williams came up with Corjor as his label’s name. Corjor International consists of four brands: Corjor Sport, Corjor Menswear, Corjor Couture, and Corjor Magnum.


Ean Williams is the recipient of Fashion Icon Award (U Designate me), Designer to Watch (Council Magazine), Outstanding Achievement in Fashion (MD Fashion Awards), Winner of Best Indie Menswear Designer (Black Fashion Designer Association New York), Top 100 events (#3 Fashion) in Washington by (BizBash Magazine), and Best Tourist Attraction, (Washington Award Committee). For more information visit


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Lorra Rivers
Lorra Rivers pictured seated with her chin propped on her folded hands surrounded by her purse designs which are all black
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