Fashions By: Lê Tâm

Lê Tâm is a Vietnamese term such that when it is translated to English in the literal sense, it means Pear Heart. Fashions By: Lê Tâm is currently an independent label that is completely designed and sewn by Frank Huynh. His interest in fashion began when he was in 10th grade and he sewed a vest for his cousins stuffed animal using fabric from an old pair of his mother’s pants. Frank realized if he could sew clothes for animals, he could also start making clothes for people. He began experimenting with fashion design which he was able to turn into his very own label. Frank brings over 8 years of experience to his brand, along with a background in costuming. As a full time student, Frank spends the school year in Washington D.C., and during the summer he works in a small studio in New York. For more information visit


Andrew Nowell shot from the waist up, with his arms crossed wearing black t-shirt
Andrew Nowell
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