Mylk and Honey Clothier

Mylk and Honey Clothier was founded by Tiffany Rice. She is originally from Syracuse, NY; having lived in New York City before settling in Baltimore, MD. Her fashion design journey began when she was in social work graduate school. She found a need in the market for clothing tailored to the young, hip, and fashionable plus size woman. She then became an avid home sewer. Sewing became a healthy outlet from the stress of her doctoral program and her work as a new therapist. She also found fashion to be a very empowering force and a boost to her own self-esteem. She took a particular liking to refashioning vintage and used clothes. However, she really found her niche with swimwear. After years of being a self-taught designer and socializing at many plus size fashion industry events, she knew her next logical step was to enroll in fashion design school. She learned by creating clothes for other plus size people, she was also able to contribute to their overall confidence and self-esteem. She recently completed my first year of fashion design school and is enjoying every step of the way. For more information visit


Kelsey, smiling with her arms folded wearing a black dress leaning against a white marble mall
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