Shari Henry

Shari Henry: artist, fashion designer, mother, entrepreneur, published author, fashion show producer, and Washington, D.C. native, has always had big dreams of being in the fashion industry. After high school Shari entered Fashion Institute of Technology as a freshman majoring in fashion design while also working for several designers in NYC including Whitlow and Hawkins, Waitex, and Kahn Lucas whose designs sold mostly to big, retail stores such as Nordstrom and Macy’s. After graduation, Shari created her self entitled brand that she launched during NY Fashion Week, Shari Henry, where she blends ferocity and confidence into one modern and chic style which seeks to empower with every piece. Aside from creating her own line, Shari Henry creates several custom designs and has been a featured designer in: The Mothers of NBA benefit runway show, Miss African Union Pageant (designer for the Winner, Lukwesa Morin of Zambia), and was Costume Designer for The NBA and Budweiser’s Elf On The Shelf commercial. For more information visit


Kelsey, smiling with her arms folded wearing a black dress leaning against a white marble mall
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