Upstairs on 7th

Ricki Peltzman is the founder and buyer of Washington D.C.’s premier women’s fashion retailer, Upstairs on 7th. She began her career in fashion in when she went to work for the upscale European fur company, Weiss. In 2003, Ricki moved from her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio to Washington, D.C. Upon moving she had difficulty finding clothes in the District that fit her personal style. This is what inspired her to start her own shop, and thus Upstairs on 7th was born. Upstairs on 7th has since moved Downtown into the lobby of the Warner Building, when their original location in the Touchstone Art Gallery on 7th street underwent renovations. Despite moving, Upstairs on 7th still maintains its original name.


Ricki has a simple philosophy when it comes to buying for the shop. She always asks herself two questions: would I wear it and would I buy it at the retail price? To that end, the merchandise is an interesting mix of upscale fashionable clothing and accessories that will take customers from work to dinner, and won’t go out of style. For more information visit


Tout Sur LeCuir
Lorra Rivers
Lorra Rivers pictured seated with her chin propped on her folded hands surrounded by her purse designs which are all black
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