Dara Oji Collections

Tevia Johnson, the mind behind Dara Oji Collections, has been designing clothing for 4 years now, but has been channeling her creativity into designing neckties for over 2 years. She has been working in the fashion industry for more than a decade and has a passion for designing custom, one of a kind neckties for men. Her work is inspired by bold and bright African print textile. Handmade in Washington, DC, Dara Oji Collections specializes in blending elements of African-inspired textile design with authentic fashionable flare. Dara Oji Collections by TeviĆ” was created out of the desire to cultivate a wardrobe that is unique and express the passion TeviĆ” has for designing clothing. Bringing the bold wax print style into the form of a garment that is adored and admired. Her designs can be found at https://www.daraojicollections.com/.


Annie pictured from the waist up smiling with her arms folded and hair blowing around, wearing a long sleeve black garment
Peruvian Connection
Amanda Casarez
Headshot of Amanda standing in a black dress with her hands on her hips
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