Peruvian Connection

Durning her time in Peru as an anthropology researcher, Annie Hurlburt developed a love for the handwoven clothing she found in the markets of Cuzco. She was inspired to bring these authentic styles to the rest of the world and by 1976, Annie and her mother, Biddy Hurlburt had launched Peruvian Connection. In 1979, the New York Times wrote an article about Annie and her business, which launched Peruvian Connection to a new level of success. Peruvian Connection garments have been worn by everyone from Kate Middleton, to characters on NBC’s hit TV shows This is Us and New Amsterdam. They have also been featured in numerous publications including Vogue, The Oprah Magazine, Forbes, CNN, The New York Social Diary, Women’s Wear Daily, Women’s Health Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, and Good Housekeeping just to name a few. Today, the company produces 5 collections a year and remains committed to their mission “to offer artisan made, original designs in native Andean luxury fibers.” Their designs sell worldwide, both online and in 5 exclusive retail stores, one of which is located in here Downtown Washington, D.C. More information can be found at


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